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Ingo Simonis

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Dr. Ingo Simonis
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Location: UKZN

Dr. Ingo Simonis did his master in ecology with emphasis in geomatics at the universities of Muenster, Germany and Joensuu, Finland. After his studies, he worked as a research associate and assistant professor at the Institute for Geoinformatics of the University in Muenster. After finishing his Ph.D. in early 2006, he spent another year as assistant professor at the University of Muenster and as research leader at the Meraka Institute, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa. He co-founded the international open source initiative 52°North during this time. As the 52°North-Sensor Web community lead, he was responsible to manage the development of Sensor Web service and encoding implementations. He passed on the group lead in early 2008 after having established the worldwide leading open source Sensor Web Enablement implementation community. In 2007, he started his own company Geospatial Research & Consulting and nine months later together with the technical director of OGC Europe his second company International Geospatial Services Institute GmbH.

His research activities focus on advanced IT systems, knowledge management and representation, and interface design that allow for the efficient information exchange and processing across heterogeneous systems. Throughout his career, Dr. Simonis has published numerous scientific papers and reviews in the areas of IT infrastructure and enterprise systems, interoperable system design with focus on Sensor Web technology, emergency management, public health, and system engineering.

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