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An Ontology-based Key for Afrotropical Bees


  • Authors:
    Aurona Gerber , Eardley, C. , Nishal Morar

    Publication date:

    CSIR Meraka Institute, UKZN

    Output type:
    Book chapter

    IOS Press


    The goal of this paper is to report on the development of an ontologybased
    taxonomic key application that is a first deliverable of a larger project that
    has as goal the development of ontology-driven computing solutions for problems
    experienced in taxonomy. The ontology-based taxonomic key was developed from
    a complex taxonomic data set, namely the Catalogue of Afrotropical Bees. The
    key is used to identify the genera of African bees and for this paper we developed
    an ontology-based application, that demonstrates that morphological key data can
    be captured effectively in a standardised format as an ontology, and furthermore,
    even though the ontology-based key provides the same identification results as the
    traditional key, this approach allows for several additional advantages that could
    support taxonomy in the biological sciences. The morphology ontology for
    Afrotropical bees, as well as the key application form the basis of a suite of tools
    that we intend to develop to support the taxonomic processes in this domain.

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