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Probabilistic Belief Revision via Similarity of Worlds Modulo Evidence


  • Authors:
    Gavin Rens , Tommie Meyer , Kern-Isberner, G , Nayak, A

    Publication date:

    CSIR Meraka Institute, UCT

    Output type:
    Conference proceedings


    Similarity among worlds plays a pivotal role in providing the semantics for different kinds of belief change. Although similarity is, intuitively, a context-sensitive concept, the accounts of similarity presently proposed are, by and large, context blind. We propose an account of similarity that is context sensitive, and when belief change is concerned, we take it that the epistemic input provides the required context. We accordingly develop and examine two accounts of probabilistic belief change that are based on such evidence-sensitive similarity. The first switches between two extreme behaviors depending on whether or not the evidence in question is consistent with the current knowledge. The second gracefully changes its behavior depending on the degree to which the evidence is consistent with current knowledge. Finally, we analyze these two belief change operators with respect to a select set of plausible postulates.

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