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Scenario Testing on UML Class Diagrams using Description Logic


  • Authors:
    Henriette Harmse , Arina Britz , Aurona Gerber

    Publication date:


    Output type:
    Workshop paper


    As part of the requirements phase of building a software system, a conceptual model could be created which describes the information and processes of the business. This conceptual model is often expressed as a UML class diagram. In an attempt to validate the UML class diagram, stakeholders test various usage scenarios against it. The availablity of formal reasoning procedures will greatly ease finding associated inconsistencies. To date, substantial research has been done on transforming UML class diagrams into different Description Logics. In this paper we explore how Description Logics can be used to fascilitate scenario testing as a means to validate the UML class diagrams. Since identity constraints on UML class diagrams have not been mapped to a Description Logic as yet, we evaluate the suitability of using either DLR_ifd or SROIQ(D) for this purpose.

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