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The Stochastic Decision Logic


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    Gavin Rens , Tommie Meyer , Lakemeyer, G.

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    We present a decidable logic in which POMDPs can be specied with compact representations, and queries can be posed about (i) the degree of belief in a propositional sentence after an arbitrary nite number of actions and observations and (ii) the utility of a nite sequence of actions after a number of actions and observations. The task of the logic is to check whether a query (stated in the language of the logic) follows from a knowledge base (KB), which is typically a POMDP model specication (also stated in the language of the logic). The main contribution of this work is that the POMDP model specication is allowed to be partial or incomplete with no restriction on the lack of information specied for the model. The KB may even contain information about non-initial beliefs. Essentially, entailment of arbitrary queries (expressible in the language) can be answered. A sound, complete and terminating decision procedure is provided.

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